The Mallard Apocalypse

from by Apocalypse Mallard

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In battle formation
They descend
Vengeance, retribution
They bring the end
Apocalypse with grubby intentions
Meted out with a twenty foot duck-bill
Justified by previous transgressions
You stole from the pond now taste my vengeance
He saw the peregrines doth swoop
Under the banner of Zazu and the toucans
Lo, the toucans and their jobby war ballast
I will not be broken
Phenomenal goose-hand
I will clip your wings
Fucking tag you
For the onslaught
For my menagerie
Pain and death I visit upon thy beaks this day
Sudden death should always be investigated
And the remaining birds observed
And for a moment the chevron skein is rescinded
And on the horizon the smoke of battle clears around enormous webbed feet
Armored with black chitinous husk
Anas Paltyrhncos Diabolous Mega Fantasticus
Strides the field of battle like a monolithic saggy git
Come to bring the mallard apocalypse
Prepare gooses-hand prepare
Prepare gooses-hand prepare
Beat them broil them eat them and excrete them
Mash them boil them put them in a stew
Show me that kingsmill I don't want no crust
Now I will feast on the ducky bum blood
Colossal ostrich, tank bastard
Take it goose by 'dropsy' goose
Stick your finger in it's bum tell me if it smells dead
Summon the motorway beast
Behold the phalanx of the heavy duck breeds
More serious
More serious
Brecon buff, steinbacker, buff back
More serious birds
The slaughter continues as flock by flock they descend
Hack bash kick and punch
Kill, kill ,kill
Critical energies build as the mutated bird monarch
Readies his final feathered extravaganza
He ruptures on both sides
Spewing forth centuries of pent up bird rage
Irresistible forces begin tugging at the fabric of reality
The end draws near
All the matter of the universe congeals around the titan
Forming a temporal vacuum
Expanding onwards from a nanoscopic point
The resulting blast wave negates existence
You are witnessing the mallard apocalypse
And we are apocalypse mallard
Goose step, goose step, goose step
Mallard apocalypse, mallard apocalypse
Mallard apocalypse, mallard apocalypse
Apocalypse, apocalypse, apocalypse


from The Mallard Apocalypse, released April 28, 2014



all rights reserved


Apocalypse Mallard Canterbury, UK

Apocalypse Mallard are that much more than a band.
They are an idea, nay a manifestation of subconscious desire and raw musical talent laid bare.
Smashing aside the petty divsions of genre and style, attaining a level of cohesian and solid dependability seldom seen outside of the close-knit world of otter dressage.
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